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TCT Leagues is a full-featured League Management system. League managers have the ability to create custom leagues, seasons, schedules, teams, and rosters. TCT Leagues also automatically generates mailing lists, downloadable calendars that are importable to all the major common calendar applications, players stats, league standings, and more.

TCT Leagues also comes with a real-time score keeping system. Scorekeepers can enter goal and penalty information into a live scoresheet in real-real time. This data automatically populates the rest of the statistics displayed throughout the rest of the season site. You can even do it on your phone!


TCT Draft Takes all of the hassle out of drafting teams for your league. Gone are the days where jumbled scribblings on white boards consume hours of your night just to get players placed on teams. TCT Draft Imports all your registered players complete with ratings, preferred position, ref status, goalie status, buddy pick selection, and GM status. A simple drag and drop interface allows placing and shuffling players between teams an absolute breeze. Each team displays relevent information like average team player rating, number of players per position, total number of players, and more. And for those who arent looking to micro-manage their league's teams, there's an auto-draft feature! One click and you've got your league's teams ready to go!

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These applications are currently in alpha testing. If you're interested in trying them out and helping us continue to improve them, please contact us and let us know! Thank you!

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